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Surviving Freshman Year: Prescriptions for the Perplexed Proselyte

  Reinvent yourself. Change your name to Wendelmoet Jones and adopt the mannerisms of Cecil Vyse. Record ensuing experiences in your journal, and see #7. Don’t just bring a car to campus. Bring a hearse. It will come in handy for transporting dirty laundry, crates of books, and the bones of bumbling bureaucrats. Decorate your…… Continue reading Surviving Freshman Year: Prescriptions for the Perplexed Proselyte

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The Joy of Hate

When I discovered Hater, it was love at first sight. According to Tech Insider, Brendan Alper developed the dating app based on the idea that people form stronger attachments based on mutual dislikes than on common interests. This concept is explored in Jennifer Bosson’s 2006 study, “Interpersonal chemistry through negativity: Bonding by sharing negative attitudes…… Continue reading The Joy of Hate

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On Lunacy and Liturgy

The minutiae of my preparations for breakfast are like a spell on which my mood, and consequently the course of the day, depends entirely. I confess it seems ridiculous to become distraught at the prospect of using a different spoon than usual; I propose, however, that it is not absurd. A priest, I expect, would…… Continue reading On Lunacy and Liturgy