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On Lunacy and Liturgy

The minutiae of my preparations for breakfast are like a spell on which my mood, and consequently the course of the day, depends entirely. I confess it seems ridiculous to become distraught at the prospect of using a different spoon than usual; I propose, however, that it is not absurd. A priest, I expect, would…… Continue reading On Lunacy and Liturgy

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15 Absolutely Valid Reasons to End a Relationship

1. You don’t fit my aesthetic. Your personal brand is Post-Morality My Little Pony™ and mine is Machiavellian Dairymaid™. 2. I can’t stand the way you eat asparagus. 3. You think Jack and Rose is a better couples’ costume than Sarah and the Goblin King. With me as Bowie, naturally. 4. My dog hates you, and…… Continue reading 15 Absolutely Valid Reasons to End a Relationship

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Of Shoes, and Ships, and…Several Geese

Addendum: When I wrote this post, though things were anything but perfect politically, the refugee situation had not escalated to the point that it reached yesterday afternoon. I hope that while we are doing everything we can to promote the safety and decent treatment of people who need to take refuge in this country, we…… Continue reading Of Shoes, and Ships, and…Several Geese